We work from our African office in Mauritius, where all our lawyers are (at least) bilingual in English and French and committed to answering clients’ requests in a timely manner. We keep our clients up-to-date and fully informed of all pending procedures. We streamline the complex process of protecting IP in several countries at the same time and ensure that clients have just one contact point for fast answers and expert advice.

We are privileged to accompany the initial stages of clients’ projects and inventions as they unfold in Africa. We assist clients in defending their assets and their markets against unfair competitors, imitators, and counterfeiters throughout Africa. The African continent is one of the most thriving and dynamic places in the world, but also bears a lot of challenges.

We are rigorously organized and use the latest technology platforms to make IP in Africa simple, professional and reliable. We always have the clients’ needs and interests in mind to find proactive, result-oriented and workable solutions. We use specific software to manage deadlines, IP rights, and cases. We believe in the benefits of technology (electronic file management and speech-recognition) not only for us as a law firm but also for our clients, because with these tools we can be efficient, prompt and steadfast. We are a human-size firm and privilege personal contacts.