Marius Schneider had the great honour to present on the Africa panel under the chair of Vanessa Ferguson, together with Karen Kitchen, Vanessa Halle and Sandra Wens at the INTA Meeting in Seattle in May 2018. The panel was titled: Africa Regional Update: Land, Sea and Air Adventures—New Developments and Trends in the Protection and Enforcement of Trademark Rights in Africa.

Marius undertook a legal marathon through the various jurisdictions of Africa, from North to South and East to West, without forgetting the paradise island of Mauritius. He spoke of the challenges faced by many right-holders in Africa, but also the progress being made on the continent, one of the most thriving and dynamic places in the world. IP practitioners such as judges, trade mark lawyers, and law enforcement authorities are highly motivated because they are aware that they are engaged in pioneering work.

INTA’s Africa panel has never before been so well attended, which demonstrates that Africa is of growing interest for right holders and attorneys.

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