Published by Oxford University Press, the book ‘Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Africa’ by Marius Schneider, founder and director of IPvocate Africa, and Vanessa Ferguson, is the only up-to-date and systematic study of the enforcement of intellectual property rights in Africa. Covering the 54 African countries as well as the two main regional intellectual property organizations in Africa, OAPI and ARIPO, this book provides updated information and case law on the civil and criminal procedures available to right holders (trade marks, patents and copyrights) as well as on customs recordals in Africa. Written for rights holders, members of the judiciary, lawyers, and enforcement authorities, this book will be a valuable tool for those working in Africa or investing on the continent.

Marius Schneider is a member of the Brussels Bar since 1997  and is registered as a Legal Adviser in Mauritius. He has more than 20 years of experience in intellectual property law, including 15 years in Africa. He is the founder and director of IPvocate Africa, a boutique law firm based in Mauritius focusing on the protection, management, and enforcement of IP rights in Africa. He heads IPvocate, the intellectual property department of CEW & Partners, one of the oldest law firms of the Brussels Bar Association. He is co-editor of the book ‘Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights through Border Measures’ published by Oxford University Press (second edition 2012) and for which a third edition is currently in progress.

This book is available here.

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