The Acte de Bamako of 14 December 2015 which amends the Accord de Bangui, came into force on 14 November 2020. Annex VI on geographical indications, Annex VII on literary and artistic rights, Annex VIII on unfair competition and Annex X on plant variety rights also came into force on the same day. The other annexes will progressively enter into force.

What does this mean in practice?

  1. It is now possible to resolve intellectual property disputes through arbitration and mediation.
  2. While formerly the rules regarding literary and artistic rights under Annex VII constituted the common system « le régime commun » for copyright, the revised Annex VII is now the minimum regulatory framework « cadre normatif minimal » which must be adopted by all member states.
  3. A geographical indication can now be recognised for one or more member states and is no longer limited to one state.

For the time being Annex III on trade marks has not yet come into force.

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