At IPvocate Africa we are keenly aware of the environment and the community within which we work and live and we strive to be a positive force.


We are concerned by sustained environmental protection and aim at minimising our environmental impact. We are a paperless office, thereby reducing paper usage. We use modern technology such as video conferencing to reduce greenhouse gas emission caused by air travel. We have elected domicile in a modern, environmental friendly (rainwater harvesting and natural air circulation) office with lots of communal spaces (common reception and meeting rooms, green areas and restaurant for recreation).

Our people

We believe in diversity and in the creation of an inclusive workforce culture where all feel welcome. A diverse workforce encourages a variety of views allowing us to serve our clients better.

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate based on gender, marital status, sexual orientation, colour, ethnicity, race, nationality, religion, or disability.

Our community

IPvocate Africa gives back to the community through donations to charitable organisations. We believe that helping others is part of our DNA and instead of confining corporate social responsibility within a department, our corporate social responsibility is managed by all of our staff. Every staff member chooses an organisation to support, making them fully involved.

One organisation which we have supported from the beginning is Terre de Paix, which works for the wellbeing of children, including through the provision of foster care.

Pro bono work

At IPvocate Africa we are committed to providing high quality intellectual property services to individuals and organisations aiming at bettering the life of communities across Africa. Our pro bono client receives the same level of care and attention as our billable clients.

Safari Simbaz, a Kenyan non-profit which aims at reducing poverty and teaching life skills to disadvantaged children through cycling, has benefited from our services.

We also work for Good Governance Africa (GGA), a non-profit with offices in South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana aimed at promoting better governance in Africa to improve the lives of all citizens. GGA conducts targeted research, promotes fact-based knowledge and propagates ethical values and aligned strategic partnerships.