Film & Entertainment

At IPvocate Africa, we value your creativity and will guide and assist you in protecting and defending your rights in the entertainment industry: songs, films, TV-series, computer games and books. Our team takes care of both your transactional and litigation needs. From a small-budget, independent movie to a blockbuster produced by a major studio, at IPvocate Africa we provide the same level of unparallel service.

We can map your rights and administer your portfolio. We are a proactive firm and will assess any possible infringement against third party rights and will provide cost-effective, tailored solutions. We can assist you in mapping and administering your rights.

We draft and negotiate contracts, ensuring that you get the maximum return for the longest time possible. In drafting contracts such as option agreements, product placement, music clearances and distribution agreements, we aim for clarity as to the ownership of any right and of any financial implication. We apply a long-term view to your business and see the added value that product merchandising and other spin-offs can bring to your business.

We will react strongly and efficiently against any infringement to your rights, whether in or outside the courts.

As a celebrity and public figure, it is important that you protect yourself from unwanted and unauthorised intrusions which may be detrimental to your image or career. At IPvocate Africa, we understand the need to protect your moral and personality rights from the false and undignified exploitation of your image. Similarly, your publicity rights should be respected, and your fame should not be used without your permission to the commercial advantage of others.

Mauritius Film Rebate Scheme

The Mauritius Film Rebate Scheme is open to national and international film makers and applies to a wide variety of audiovisual productions such as feature films, documentaries, telemovies and TV show episodes. The rebate scheme provides up to 40% rebate for qualifying production expenditures incurred in Mauritius. These include accommodation in Mauritius, catering, visual effect services and remuneration for cast and crew. Together with our local partners, we can help you take advantage of the provisions of the scheme.