Online Betting

Online gambling is a growing industry. The local bookie is slowly being replaced by virtual online casinos, online bingo rooms and sports betting websites. Whether a converting brick-and-mortar industry player or a newcomer, at IPvocate Africa we understand the need to balance regulations with your commercial interests. Thanks to our large network of correspondents on the African continent, our advice derives from on-the-ground knowledge.

Intellectual property protection

Our expertise in intellectual property allows us to offer a complete set of protective mechanisms to our clients. We register and defend your trade marks, patents and copyrights. We draft commercial agreements, whether related to technology such as those related to the acquisition or sale of gambling software, or those related to advertising such as sponsorships and celebrity endorsements. We understand that your expansion may come from joint ventures and distributions agreements and we will draft and negotiate agreements that protect your interests.

Online gambling is a highly competitive forum where poor advice can easily cause high financial loss. At IPvocate Africa, we provide timely and practical expert advice all over Africa, wherever our clients reside.

Legal strategy

By the time you file in an application for a gambling license, you will already have
invested a substantial amount of time, effort and money into the project. You therefore want to ensure that your application is successful. At IPvocate Africa, we can advise you on your application, highlight any regulatory risks and provide pre-emptive solutions.

We retain a similar forward thinking approach when providing legal advice to mature companies.