Plant Breeders' Rights

Plant breeders’ rights allow for the intellectual property protection of new varieties of plants. Whether you are an individual, a small enterprise or a multinational, at IPvocate Africa we recognise your investment in developing a new plant variety and will work with you to protect your right.


We will help you prepare and file the plant breeders’ rights applications. We will identify the appropriate professional who will undertake the comparative trial of the plant variety and verify the requirement of distinctiveness, uniformity and stability. We will advise on possible plant variety names, taking into account the rights of third parties. We will oversee the grant application until its completion in all African countries and jurisdictions.


At IPvocate Africa, we will enforce your rights against any infringer, both through courts or through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as settlement, negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Wherever possible, we will file notices of opposition/ cancellation against any conflicting third-party application.


We will advise you on how to obtain the best return on your plant breeders’ rights. We will negotiate and draft research and commercial agreements such as materials transfer agreement, marketing agreement and licensing agreement.