Sports is a high-stakes, complex and fast-moving domain with its particularities and unique circumstances. A well-managed portfolio can bring in high revenue whether for the individual athlete, the entertainment companies, the franchises and the sport property owners. What is needed however are highly specialised, dynamic lawyers having extensive knowledge of intellectual property and sports law. At IPvocate Africa, we provide just that!

In sports the name, likeness and the numbers worn by the athlete are valuable property. We assess your situation and advise on the most advantageous ways of protecting your property. We will file and follow up on the grant of any necessary copyright and trade mark.

We will respond to any unauthorised third-party use of your trade mark and copyright. This includes through seizures, pre-opposition to any conflicting registration and the introduction of civil and criminal claims before the court. We can also prepare a comprehensive anti-piracy program.

We help maximize the value of your brand by negotiating and drafting licensing strategies and agreements such as endorsement deals, celebrity contracts, sponsorships, branding agreements, merchandising and royalty agreements.

Where you are presented with a contract regarding sponsorship, broadcasting rights, venue naming rights and other sports related agreements, we will review the contract and advise on its implications. Through our network of correpondents, we are also able to advise you on the fiscal consequences of such agreements.