Pirated and counterfeited works can cause enormous damage to your company, leading to economic loss, a fall in the number of customers and the erosion of goodwill. At IPvocate Africa, we have the competence to protect your trade marks, patents, utility models, industrial designs and copyrights.

Every instance of piracy and counterfeiting is a threat to your company and we will act quickly and decisively to stop these occurrences. We use creative and practical solutions and work closely with customs, law enforcement agencies and other enforcement professionals. We believe in a mix of both litigation and non-litigation techniques for a quick but long-lasting and cost-effective solution. Our services extend all over Africa as we work together with an extensive network of highly qualified collaborators such as attorneys and private investigators.


Design and implement targeted and pro-active anti-piracy strategies and programmes for both online and on-the-ground environments;

Investigate counterfeiting and piracy occurrences both online and offline and respond to those threats through various means such as a cease-and-desist, raids and seizures;

Cease the importation and sale of gray-market goods/parallel imports;

Serve as an out-of-house anti-piracy specialist;

Litigate civil actions;

Support and follow-up on criminal cases;

-Secure and support cross-border enforcement actions;

Devise and conduct training for customs and law enforcement agencies;


A Fortune Global Top 500 pharmaceutical company;

Leading food and beverage manufacturing company in Africa;

High fashion luxury goods manufacturers;

Luxury watchmaker;

Leading parts manufacturer for automotive, aerospace and industrial uses;