Whether you are preparing for a merger, an acquisition or the licensing of your intellectual property rights, or you simply want a general assessment of how your rights are protected throughout the African continent or in a particular country, at IPvocate Africa we have the skills and commercial acumen to successfully conduct an IP audit. We work with both multinationals, investment funds but also SMEs. We believe that an IP audit must be expedient, forward looking, keeping in mind a business’ strategy and ambitions.

Our IP audit provide you with a clear mapping of an existing IP portfolio and the type of intellectual property rights which are protected. We identify any lacunas and liabilities in your IP protection, and provide tailored solutions. We take into account the possibility of third party infringement and provide tools and processes to avoid future issues. We uncover unused intellectual assets which may now be protected or may serve as a defence if you are subject to an infringement procedure. Our range of action is limited only by your requirements and we can adapt ourselves to diverse situations.


IP audits are far from being an easy task in Africa, since at times applications for intellectual property rights take years to mature into registration and many registers are not available online. We have however successfully undertaken IP audits for many multinational companies and high-profile investment funds.