Patents ensure that you are rewarded for the time and money invested in the development of your innovation. Regardless of your industry sector – from the most traditional to the technologically complex – at IPvocate Africa we apply our legal know-how and expertise to ensure your patents are legally sound, strong and commercially viable.


At IPvocate Africa, we advise on the patentability of your invention, keeping in mind conflicting patents and other stumbling blocks. We draft and file your application guiding you through the various requirements and timeframes applicable on the continent.

The grant of a patent may be a difficult and lengthy process. We will liaise with the national patent offices, including for renewal and recordals, allowing you peace of mind. We will also act against any preregistration opposition.

We review your patent portfolio assessing its strength and weaknesses and provide tailored advice accordingly.

In case your invention is not patentable or if you do not wish for a full-fledged patent protection, we can assist you in protecting your trade secrets and know-how contractually through adequate agreements with employees, consultants, manufacturers and contractors. We can devise an organisational structure that will clarify which know-how is to be protected, how it is to be protected and the identity of each actor.


Combining legal expertise to strong business acumen, our team will negotiate and draft contracts and licences that will protect your rights and ensure the maximum return. We can therefore assist you with the transfer or sale of your patent rights or the acquisition of third party rights. Our expertise also extends to the licensing of know-how, controlling the use of the information and the field in which it may be used.


Once your patent is granted, it is important to enforce your right against any unauthorised use. Our enforcement strategy, be it through the courts or through amicable resolution mechanisms, will be guided by your objectives, your overall commercial strategy and budget.

We will put an end to any unauthorised third party use, oppose the registration of conflicting patents before the national patent offices and contest the grant of any patent that infringes your rights.