A trade mark is a valuable business asset. At IPvocate Africa we understand the need to protect and foster the growth in value of your trade mark.


We can assist you in filling and registering your trade mark all over the continent. We take into account your market presence, your budget as well as your future plans in coming up with the most effective strategy. We also carry out trade mark searches prior to any new application. As our searches are conducted by qualified lawyers, the results may be accompanied by a legal opinion, including on how to amend the mark to avoid infringing third party rights. We also undertake trade mark recordals and use modern technology to ensure renewals are effected on time.

Protecting your trade mark also means taking a global view of your portfolio and anticipating future challenges. We can assess your existing portfolio and offer advice on possible challenges. Our aim is to ensure you benefit from the maximum return on your portfolio.


We are experienced in negotiating and preparing agreements on IP aspects of commercial transactions, such as acquisitions, licensing and franchising. We can assist you during the whole process, ensuring that your rights remain protected and a valid strategy for enforcement is set up.


Enforcing your right against unauthorised third-party use is essential to the value of your mark. At IPvocate Africa, we have the competence and experience to provide appropriate and effective trade mark enforcement strategies. We monitor new applications and ensure oppositions are filed against confusingly similar third party trade marks.

We provide a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting service, including coordinating anti-counterfeiting raids, customs enforcement of IP rights, and civil or criminal enforcement actions. We adopt a variety of methods to respond to third party infringement in line with your objectives: settlement, arbitration, mediation or litigation