Irrespective of the size of your company, from a start-up to a multinational, at IPvocate Africa we help secure the look and feel of your products.


Our qualified lawyers ensure the best registration strategy for your design. We associate our legal knowledge to our commercial acumen and come up with the best filing strategy. We can advise on how to avoid infringing the design of third parties and offer possible alternative protections for designs which cannot be registered. We conduct IP Audits, ensuring that your protection strategy is in line with your goals and the most cost-effective.

Designs rights may be the result of work undertaken by a third party and we negotiate and draft agreements such as consultancy and commissioning agreements, employment contracts and other partnering agreements.


We can advise on the sale and purchase of IP rights and the development of licensing and distribution agreements. In drafting any contract, our aim is to ensure the maximum return on your investment for the longest possible time.


At IPvocate Africa, we have the know-how to stop third-party infringement to your rights, including through the invalidation of third party design rights. We co-ordinate and manage cross-border disputes.